Anigan StainFree Period Panty - Wide Lace-trim Hipster

$ 18.95

Panties shouldn’t be boring, they’re supposed to be fun and stylish especially if they’re not just your ordinary panties.

Everything lacy is sexy. This lace-trim hipster is too hip and too sexy just to be like any other regular underwear. Created by Anigan, the stylish underwear can be worn with your pads or your menstrual cup when you’re on your period.

Here are five reasons why modern women love this Anigan StainFree Period Panty Wide Lace-trim Hipster:


Having period stains and leaks during menstruation might be a common scenario for most girls. Well, you can change the scenario by wearing a waterproof period panty. Our lace trim hipster underwear can make you feel secured and protected all throughout the day. 


Girls are very conscious when it comes to panty lines. Hipster panties are worn to minimize panty lines especially if you like to wear tight pants and dresses. Hipster undies sit on the hips and are standard cut briefs similar to boy shorts and hiphugger panties. 

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Super Comfy

Our lace trim hipster is naturally comfy because it’s made of spandex. It is made of high quality fabric that gives a soft and gentle feel on your skin. It’s also hypoallergenic that’s why you are 100 % assured that you will not experience any form of skin irritation and allergies while wearing your period underwear. 


Hipster panties are not just super comfy but they’re also quite stylish. The design is unique and the fact that it’s lacy makes it effortlessly sexy. It’s not just sexy but most girls also love its trendy and sporty look. Be comfortable and hip during your menstruation cycle.

The Anigan StainFree Period Panty Wide Lace-trim Hipster is available in black and white lace and white and black lace.


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