Anigan StainFree Period Panty - Tie Dyed Seamless Boyshorts

$ 18.95

** Medium and large size are out of stock for this style but you can find Tie Dyed Seamless EvaWear Boyshort with an absorbency protection feature!

Period panty boyshorts by Anigan are all the rage. So what does your boy shorts say about you? Cool, cute and chic. 

And what’s cooler than having a tie dyed seamless boy short while you’re having your menses?

Our Anigan StainFree Period Panty - Tie Dyed Seamless Boyshort is too comfy that you can wear it all day or all night.

It has a soft and gentle feel on your skin because it’s made of high quality fabric.


Here at Anigan, our period panties are basically not your ordinary period panties.

Because of the fact that this stain free panty has an inner lining in its front and back part, then you’re assured that you won’t experience any leakage.

We perfectly understand how annoying it can be when you have to do bathroom checks every now and then just to make sure you don’t have any embarrassing stains. Worry no more, with this boyshort’s stainfree!


Because of the soft and stretchy fabric, you are comfortable all day long even when you’re at work or at home.

It is a fact that some women struggle from itchy undies because of cheap fabric.

This period panty is hypoallergenic that’s why you’re safe from any skin irritation or allergies.

You don’t need to suffer from skin allergies just because you want to look good wearing your undies.

Enjoy a comfortable day with or without your menses!

Size Chart

Anigan Seamless Period Panty Size Chart


According to surveys, most women prefer undies without seams because they’re comfortable and free from any form of skin irritation.

This stain free boy shorts is made of spandex so it’s flexible to let you move like you’re not even having your period at all.

Tie Dyed

You don’t always see tie-dyed boyshorts everyday. And it’s not just the girls who like boyshorts, actually most guys think girls look cool and cute with their boyshorts on.

You can even wear your tied dyed boyshorts with your menstrual cup and still be cool even when you’re having your period.

Anigan StainFree Period Panty - Tie Dyed Seamless Boyshort is available in black and blue for that comfy and girly feel.

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Product Details:

  • Great protection for women and girls during their menstrual cycle. Our Leakproof Protection Makes You Worry-Free!
  • Tagless, no more scratchy label.
  • Nylon / Spandex
  • Machine Washable; US designer and Seller
  • Waist Size: Small: 24-25.5"; Medium: 26-27.5"; Large: 28 -29.5"

Other Information about the product:

How StainFree Panty Works?



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