Anigan EvaCup Gift Set

$ 59.95

Anigan EvaCup Gift Set includes EvaCup, Anigan Collapsible Sanitizing Cup, Anigan Velvet Pouch, Anigan Heart Shape Reusable Instant Heat Pad. Great for holiday, special event and birthday gift!

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Aqua, Rose, Blizzard Blue, Cherry Blossom, Meadow, Lavender, Chartreuse and (Sunset out of stock)

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Product Details:

  • Great gift set for holiday, birthday and special events!
  • Includes highest quality Anigan EvaCup, Collapsible Sanitizing Cup, Beautiful Velvet Pouch, Anigan Instant Heat Pad in a beautiful gift box!
  • Great gift for friends & family!
  • Eco-friendly, Clean, Comfortable & Convenient
  • Select EvaCup Size - Small Size for Pre-Childbirth; Large Size for Post-Childbirth; Detailed Instruction Enclosed


How To Disinfect Using Your Sanitizing Cup?

  1. Place the menstrual cup into your sanitizing cup as you fill it up with water. Heating is the fastest way to sanitize.
  2. Use your microwave to heat the cup and set it to medium power level (you may check your microwave manual for power level) for two to five minutes.
  3. Remember to make sure that the water is boiling for the whole sanitization process to be effective. Also, it is advisable that the lid of the cup is not completely sealed while disinfecting in order for the steam, produced by the water, to escape.

For your safety, remove the cup only after it has cool down so you won’t get burned.

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