Anigan EvaCup + Collapsible Sanitizing Cup

$ 47.95

Created for sanitizing and storing your menstrual cup, the Anigan EvaCup with Collapsible Sanitizing Cup is indeed one of our best deals. You’re good to go with two cups with just a single purchase. The cups are reusable, environment – friendly, convenient, safe and affordable than any other cups in the market.

Your safety is our major concern that’s why we are proud to say that our EvaCup and Anigan Sanitizing Cup are safe because of the fact that it’s made of high quality food grade silicone with SGS / Intertek / ISO Certification. The products are made of 100% pure silicone. Your menstrual cup is your safest option instead of using toxic sanitary pads and tampons.

The EvaCup is flexible and can be easily inserted. It’s completely leak – proof so period stains or period blankets shouldn’t concern you anymore. You can wear it anytime of the day.

The Collapsible Sanitizing Cup is convenient and easy to use. One of the reasons why this cup stands out among other sanitizing cups is it’s collapsible. You can easily fold it so it doesn’t consume a lot of space in your bag or pouch whenever and wherever you need to disinfect your cup. It also comes with a lid so it is completely sealed.

How To Sanitize Your Eva Cup?

  1. Heating is the most common way to sanitize. To disinfect your menstrual cup, place it into your sanitizing cup filled with water.
  2. Put your cup inside the microwave and set it to medium power level or wattage ( check your microwave manual ) for two to five minutes.
  3. The moment the water starts boiling, you are assured that the sanitization procedure is going to be effective.
  4. After heating, make sure that the cup has already cooled down before touching it to prevent burns.

    Color Selection:

    Rose, Aqua, Blizzard Blue, Lavender, Chartreuse, Sunset.

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    • Canada flat shipping fee:

             0.0 lb – 0.2 lb $12.50
             0.21 lb – 0.4 lb $14.50
             0.41 lb – 1.0 lb $20.00

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    Product Details:

  • EvaCup is reusable and a hygienic alternative to tampons and pads
  • Eco-friendly, Clean, Comfortable & Convenient; No Leaks when inserted properly; Can be worn during all daytime activities and overnight.
  • Select size for EvaCup; Small Size for Pre-Childbirth; Large Size for Post-Childbirth; Bag & Detailed Instruction Enclosed
  • Made in USA. US Patent Pending No. 29503441
  • Anigan Collapsible cup is a high-quality food grade silicone; It comes with a lid and is great for sanitizing EvaCup in Microwavable & can be used to store EvaCup.
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