What is StainFree Panty?

Anigan, the brand making your time of the month an enjoyable and hassle-free phase, now presents its newest product for a happy menstrual cycle: the Stainfree Panty.

No More Leaky Period Worries

With our new period panty, you can toss aside any worries of leakage or staining, either during your period or a couple of days before or after.

They offer you extra protection as well as support, so you can weather out those special days without the bother of multiple trips to the bathroom, constant checking, monitoring, or squirming around on your seat in the office.

Anigan StainFree Panties may look and feel just like normal panties - pretty, sexy, and oh-so-comfortable - but it hides a smart little secret that only you will know.

Our panties have extra padding, to keep both your sanitary pad, menstrual cup, or tampon snugly in place, and to keep any staining that might occur out of sight and off the fabric that may come in contact with it.

No More Stuffy Discomfort

Our specialized underwear is breathable and permeable to air as well as tagless, making sure you experience no discomfort or itchiness during your period while wearing one.

In addition, they are seamless, so they fit all snug around your curves without pinching or folding up at the hem. The material is also soft enough to prevent chafing.

Convenient, Always

No need to worry about whether your product is too delicate or fragile to be handled normally. This underwear can be worn as you please and can be machine washed as usual. Another worry for you to drop!

Scrupulously Hygienic

Our Stain-free Panty not only makes you look clean, but its breathability also prevents any kind of bacterial growth or odor.

In addition, its high-quality fiber-spandex material is clean and seamless to ensure no pinching, chafing or any other skin abrasion that may serve as a doorway to germs.

Perfect For Your Girls

Give girls their carefree happiness back with our Stainfree Panties. They can be assured that periods are not the nightmares that others warn them about.

Skip, run, roll over and do a jig! You needn’t lose out on fun or the remainder of your childhood just because of a period.

Save On The Green Stuff

You won’t have to change your sanitary pads or tampons every 10 minutes because you’re afraid of leaks and stains. Heaven knows that stuff is expensive! Visit here on how stainfree panty works?

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