StainFree Panty Size Selection

At Anigan, you can get your hands on products that will no longer make you dread that time of the month. One of the best products that ensures a worry-free menstruation is the Anigan StainFree panty. These panties are as comfortable as your regular underwear, but give you added protection that make them perfect for your menstrual period.

With Anigan StainFree Panty, you can be assured of worry-free nights and days, whether at work, school, or elsewhere. The Anigan StainFree Period Panty can be your best friend during your discomforting periods.

Selection of Anigan Stain-Free Panties
Our StainFree period panties come in a variety of colors and sizes. Given below are some of the different options we have to offer.

Seamless Hipster Lace Trim
This product is great for women and girls and has proven to be effective for light incontinence and postpartum. It is machine washable and comes in the following waist sizes: X-Small: 21-22.5"; Small: 23-24.5"; Medium: 25-26.5"; Large: 27 -28.5"; X-Large: 29-30.5".

Hipster Wide Lace Trim
Who said period panties can’t be pretty? With the Hipster Wide Lace StainFree Panty, stay protected and feel fabulous during your period. The panty is available in these sizes: Small: 25-26.5"; Medium: 27-28.5"; Large: 29 -30.5".

Lace Bikini
There’s nothing better than lacy underwear to boost a woman’s confidence, especially during her period. The StainFree Lace Bikini Period Panty is soft, comfy and sexy! Its waterproof fabric will keep your clothes clean and free from stains. Get stylish pink and black StainFree Lace Bikini Menstrual Underwear in these waist sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Seamless Bikini Polka Dots
This period panty is made up of nylon and spandex. It provides great comfort during those discomforting days. These are also machine washable and the sizes that this product is available in include: X-Small: 21-22.5"; Small: 23-24.5"; Medium: 25-26.5"; Large: 27 -28.5".

Anigan Period Panties Menstrual Underwear Waterproof Leak-proof Pants
These panties are available in sizes of extra small, small, medium and large. They are available in shades of blue, have moisture permeability, and a full-cut style which makes them soft and comfortable.

Seamless High-Rise Brief
With full seamless coverage, super soft stretchy comfortable and hypoallergenic material, the Seamless Brief Menstrual Pnaty has everything you need in a pair of panties during your menstrual cycle. Breeze right through the day and relax during the night without a single worry about leaks and staining. These perfect period panties are machine washable, coming in these sizes: Waist Size: Medium: 24-26"; Large: 27-28.5"; XLarge: 29 -30.5".

Seamless Pink Stripe Hipster Lace Trim
Every woman deserves a pair of extraordinary panties during her period. The StainFree Seamless Pink Stripe Hipster Lace Trim Period Panty is just what you need with just the right amount of style and conveniency. The panty’s leak proof protection is available in Waist Sizes: Small: 23-24.5"; Medium: 25-26.5"; Large: 27 -28.5"

Seamless Tie Dyed Boyshort
A girl is entitled to fun underwear even during her menses. The StainFree Seamless Tie Dyed Boyshort Period Panty is made from comfortable hypoallergenic materials that’s absolutely waterproof. These panties have your back all day and night long with their various waist sizes: Small: 24-25.5"; Medium: 26-27.5"; Large: 28 -29.5".

Lace Bikini
Confidence is sexy and these period panties are nothing if not sexy. They’re made from breathable waterproof material perfect during your period. Get your sexy confidence in sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Most of our StainFree period panties come in a range of colors and sizes. If you would like to opt for this product, you will always have a range of options to choose from to fit every girl, young woman, and lady.