StainFree Panty FAQs

What is StainFree Panty?

Stainfree Panty is a product from Anigan, the brand that embraces everything feminine and gives women around the world a chance to celebrate themselves and their sexuality. This line of product is menstrual underwear that can be worn during the menstrual cycle and a few days before it begins and after it ends. Its amazing support and protection prevents staining and leakage so you needn’t worry about the aforementioned during your period anymore.

How does Stainfree Panty work?

Stainfree Panty works because of an inner lining that is strategically placed in the garment, covering the front, center and rear of the panty. This inner lining is made from a fabric containing polymer fibers that prevent the permeation of liquid, but allow for water vapor to pass through, making the material breathable as well as water resistant, ensuring that no period stains get through your underwear and on to your clothes or furniture. It also enables sanitary pads, menstrual cups and tampons to fit snugly and firmly. Please note that Anigan StainFree period panty need to be used with pads/tampon/menstrual cup. It's not an absorbent panty. If you like to have an absorbent Anigan period panty please check out EvaWear period panty.

Do Stainfree Panties resemble some sort of medical contraption?

Not at all. Stainfree Panty looks just like your everyday panty with the although it has a slight inner lining that is made from water resistant fabric. The outer layer of the panties is made from a blend of high quality fiber and spandex. This is normal for most underwear and will not look unusual at all. Stainfree panty can either be seamless or not, and tagless, ensuring that you do not chafe or experience itching due to a tag. Its material is soft and hypoallergenic.

Is this waterproof inner lining safe for the skin?

Absolutely! The inner linings that Anigan Stainfree Panties are made from are made from high quality polymer, which is perfectly safe for skin.

How should I wash my Stainfree Panty?

Stainfree Panties can be machine washed just like any other garments and require no special handling or care, although it is recommended to air dry them.

Is there any risk of infection involved in using Stainfree Panty?

You never have to worry about infections. Stainfree Panty is breathable, made from skin-friendly, hypoallergenic materials and will not encourage any bacterial growth or infection. In addition, it is soft and seamless, ensuring no pinching or chafing of the skin and contains no tags, so you don’t feel itchy.

How long can I wear Stainfree Panty without worrying about leakage or staining?

Although Stainfree Panty is reliable, we would not recommend wearing your panty without changing your sanitary pad, menstrual cup, or tampon for more than ten hours.