Anigan Quality & Standard

Anigan is the perfect solution in all of your menstrual needs. With Anigan™, you can be assured that you will enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free period. We do our best to provide women with products that will never again make them dread their periods.

Anigan™ – A Name You Can Trust
Our products are meant to ensure ease and comfort to women during their menstrual period. We help women feel comfortable by reducing the trying discomfort that always accompanies our periods. When you get your hands on Anigan products, rest assured that you are being provided with nothing but the best. We ensure that only the best quality products are made available to our customers. Anigan™ has Quality Standards so you can be certain that we provide the best quality products.

Below are some of the products and brands that we offer our customers.

Some of Our Quality Products
Stain-free Period Panties – The constant worry of leaking when we have our periods is something that we all experience. Anigan provides a solution for this. With our stain-free panties, you can now feel confident about not leaking. Sofa, mattresses, cushions will now be safe. You can exercise with confidence, sleep without worry and save money from the constant replacing of bedsheets and cushions due to staining. These quality period panties are great for light incontinence and postpartum, as well. Providing extra protection, it helps prevent accidents and embarrassment.

Anigan EvaCup
EvaCup is FDA registered. Manufactured in the US. Made of 100% medical grade silicone, this product is a useful alternative for women during their menstrual cycle. This is also a green solution and hence, provides women with a cleaner and more comfortable life during their period. With our EvaCup, you are provided great quality at an unbeatable price.

Anigan First Period Kit
This well-equipped celebration kit helps prepare a girl and make her feel confident when the day comes. This kit consists of all essential period products that will help the girl deal with her period in a composed and confident manner. With one stain-free period panty, reusable heat pad, sanitary pads, a period booklet and hand wipes, this kit ensures that every young girl will be well-prepared when that time comes.

We make use of 100% medical silicone and some of our products are proven to be eco- friendly. So come check out quality products and you can be assured that you are getting the best! Anigan will not let you down.