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This is possibly one of my new favorites as far as my menstrual cups go. It is soft but not to soft. I takes a little work to get it to pop open sometimes but once it is in correctly it is very comfortable and effective. This reminds me of perhaps an off brand of the diva cup. If you like the diva cup you will most likely like this one! Great product! By Elizabeth Anderson

This is my second menstrual cup, the first one I bought was the Diva Cup. I really like both cups and I can say that if my experience stays the same, I will never ever go back to disposable products. EvaCup is softer at the bottom and firmer around the rim, which helps because it's easier to insert and remove but the rim is still firm enough for it to pop open and create a "vacuum seal". I cannot feel it and sometimes I even forget I have my period, which is something I never thought would happen. I always wear a pantyliner just in case there is minor spotting, but so far it hasn't leaked at all, not even overnight! During my heaviest days I had to change it every 5-6 hours though (still better than changing a regular tampon every 3 hours). Because I already had the Diva Cup, I wash them both with Diva Wash. I tried to find "fragrance free" soaps but the ones I found still listed "perfume" and "fragrance" on the ingredients list. I would definitely recommend EvaCup to start with, and I regret not finding it sooner because it's cheaper than other major brands but it's still the same quality. By Sarah A.

Okay not to get too personal here BUT, when you have cup inside you, specifically the diva cup in my case, it can be tougher to chase a bear and slower to chase a coyote, this evacup makes things so much easier and fast :p. I love it because it's a bit smaller than diva size cup 1, and is still a go for me. I've never had very heavy flows do it works for me. Although, I never filled the diva cup before either so I think it'd work for heavy flows too. By Sarah

I used it for the first time and it is amazing. I can't even feel it. My shipment arrived very quickly. I used it for the first time and it is amazing. I can't even feel it! Plus, the pricing is very cheap and affordable. i'm honestly blown away. What a steal :-) By Janet yumiceba

I am very pleased with this cup, and it is my first one. I spent literally months debating over whether or not to take this step, spent a lot of time reading reviews and watching videos, researching which item to take the risk on. I'm glad I went with the Eva cup. I am 40 and have 1 child (via c-section). I opted for the small despite all of the brands recommending the larger cups for my age and having been pregnant. I would recommend that if you are uncertain about your particular body and what cup you are most likely to do well with, you do the research too. Brie on youtube (among several others) provides tons of info on the many different cups available and how to choose for yourself. Because the Eva cup is very new she had not reviewed it at the time of my purchase, but thanks to the miracle of google I was able to find a little more info before deciding to go with this one. I'm glad I did, I have a somewhat low cervix (why I ordered small instead of large--as well as having a very light and short period so I've always only used small tampons) and this cup is very comfortable for me, simple to use and I can't feel it at all. It was too much of a risk for me to drop the nearly $40 for the other "premium" cups available, not knowing if I would really feel comfortable using them. And since it doesn't look like this is a knockoff or generic brand (which I read warnings about), I was really pleased with the price. The only difference between the listing and what I received is that it did not come in that cute colorful cardboard box shown in the picture. So, less trash I guess. A+ Eva cup! By Erin Frierson

I love it. I love that I will be saving ...I bought my first ever menstrual cup last week and this week used it for the first time. I love it. I love that I will be saving a lot of money by not having to buy tampons and pads. I love that I can use little to no space for storing all those feminine items in my closet. I love that it's eco-friendly (I always felt a tinge of guilt every time I threw one of my feminine items into the rubbish). And I love that it's healthier for me. I also bought mine because I have heavy periods and wanted to measure the amount of blood I was losing; so that's a plus for women who want to keep track of the blood loss as the color and quantity of the blood etc can tell you a lot about your health. I want to kiss the face of the person that invented menstrual cups. Thank you. By Adanoy

A What Cup! 1st time user! It is velvety soft to the touch, has a flexible but firmer rim that opened as it should, there were no leaks once positioned correctly, & had no worries for 12 hrs on a heavier day. BUT you tube was helpful for proper placement & acrobatics were involved for removal. Without the stem and grips a dr's visit would have been needed. I think any cup would have a learning curve so complaints are not about this specific item but any of this type of product. By Elizabeth Anderson

I am a fan of the cup , I had a divs cup but dnt ask how I lost it. Tbeyre relatively the same but the fact they have colors is kinda cool and the packagin is nice. It would make a great to convert someone to the reusable feminine toiletries. I barely feel it its like a tampon and I like not havin ti be in line at grocery store with the big club member box lol. At first ibthought large in Riva cup wad too big but in order to avoid leakage. I did have my first and only child at 23 natrual so I thought I'd vr small. In this brand the large feels smaller than diva cup so its nice. By AL

I was very skeptical when I first used this cup.I don't have good results with tampons,but I love this cup-I will never buy another tampon.It works with any body type,It is very comfortable,not like tampons.It does well overnight,doesn't leak.When inserted properly it makes a seal which keeps it from leaking.It isn't any harder to put in than a tampon.It is very different-but just try it-You will love it. By Sherry Frost

I ordered this on a Thursday when it had free shipping and expected a long wait that usually comes with free shipping that's not from Prime. Oh my god, I was sooo pleased when it arrived on Monday. The packaging is simple, both the cup and the mini bag come in a small plastic baggy in an envelope package. The mini bag by itself is so adorable that I considered using it for other stuff. The cup is very soft and folds easily, though it's my first cup so I have nothing to compare it to. I have the small. The inside has measurements of 7.5ml and 15ml but could hold up to what may be 30ml? The stem is a little less than half an inch, the whole cup is nearly 2.5 inches tall. I'm actually very excited for my period to start so I can use this. Will update this review when shark week happens By Ashley

Don't give up after one single time, it'll take a little bit to get used to it. If you get it the first time, you're lucky. I was lucky to have my period last longer than normal last time so I was handling it very well by the end of it. I'm 23, never had a child, and the small is perfectly fine for size. It seals, like, completely seals, it "overflowed" once and became too full, and yet it didn't allow anything to leak through, everything came out after I removed it. By Dakota

I'm giving one to all my sisters for Christmas!!! I love this product!! I forget Aunt Flo is in town!!!!! and when she leaves I can put the cup away until next visit....no fuss no muss!!! It was akward the first couple of times but I'm a pro now :) and literally took only a few times using it to become one. If you are comfortable enough with your body I highly recommend this cup ..you will wonder how you ever got along without it!!! By Ashley

My daughter, having been through vehicular accident trauma after she had no physical complaints, LOVES this!!! She's in her late-20's and is SO enjoying this Green Footprint Helper. She comes from women with HEAVY periods, so start from the biggest and work to the smallest. "FREEDOM!!!" By Living Simply

This product worked wonderfully! I am so satisfied with it. I also like the price point compared to Luna Cup or Diva Cup. Just what I needed. By Mermaidblue

Glad I made the switch from tampons to this! It is so much easier, cleaner and safer! No worries about leaks, no strings, no changing multiple times a day, no running to the drugstore. You can do everything and more wearing this little cup. I workout, swim, do yoga, run, and sleep in it with no problems. I recommend all women get one of these! The idea of it seems strange at first, but once you try it you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. By star81

I've recently started using a menstrual cup and it has revolutionized my periods. It took me some practice to get use to, but now that I have, it's wonderful being able to forget that I'm even on my period. I'm not sure why I'd never considered it before, but now am trying to get all my girlfriends on the bandwagon. I accidentally cut the stem of the Lunette cup too short when I first starting using these and had a hard time getting it out, so I needed to get another cup. In my previous searches, EvaCup did not show up, so I'm not sure if they are a new brand in the menstrual cup market, but I did like that they are little less expensive and seems to be of the same material quality as the Lunette and other menstrual cups. The one key difference that I like about this cup is the stem and find it a lot easier to pull down to get a grip on the stem. It is already shorter than the Lunette stem so that I did not need to cut, but I like that it is rounded (unlike the Lunette) and I can get a better grip on it due to the grooves and the shape. Once it was in place, could not feel the stem poking around either. By Anonymous

Really loving my Eva Cup! I'm new to menstrual cups. The Eva Cup was my second cup purchase, the other being a Diva Cup. I like that the Eva is slightly less firm (not much less) and is shorter than the Diva too. I do like the Diva but sometimes the firmness makes it so I can feel it, where the Eva I can't feel at all. I'd purchase another Eva for sure. I'd highly recommend this product! By Shauna M. Wood.


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