Hygiene Care

Menstruation requires the best hygiene. Having your period may be messy if not bloody. Menstrual blood can smell terrible and embarrassing especially if you’re a working woman who needs to go to work every single day. 

We all have that annoying menstrual odor. With or without period, women tend to observe good hygiene care. We all want to feel clean and beautiful inside out. And having a period is not such a good excuse.

Here are some of our feminine products to help you with your personal hygiene during menstruation:

Anigan EvaCup – Your Best Option

Changing your sanitary pads and tampons every now and then can be messy. Another big problem is disposing them.

Because your blood is trapped on the napkin’s surface, it is constantly touching your genital area, causing irritation and the idea alone is too unsanitary.

Some pads are actually made of poor quality materials that the cotton doesn’t really absorb the fluid especially when you’re having a heavier period.

If you don’t like the idea of having too much moisture and menstrual blood continuously in contact with your vagina each time you use your sanitary napkins, then our EvaCup is your best choice. Here are some reasons why:

  • Unlike your pads, you don’t have to worry about its disposal because it’s reusable and you can wash it each time the cup is full.
  • If worn properly, it makes you feel like you aren’t wearing any cup at all which makes you feel comfortable all throughout.
  • It’s made of high quality medical grade silicone.

Anigan Disposable Scented Bags

One of the problems we have to deal with when we are menstruating is the disposal of our used napkins and tampons.

Good thing we have our Anigan Disposable Bags to help you dispose your used pads without feeling too disgusted with your menstrual odor because of the reason that they’re scented.

Features of the disposable scented bags:

  • They’re small and lightweight so you can carry them anywhere you go
  • Say goodbye to menstrual odor because the bags totally have pleasant smell so you too can stop complaining about your menstrual odor. 
  •  They’re too cute so you’ll love them especially if you want to be discreet when it comes to your monthly period. 

Here at Anigan, we support good hygiene. Rest assured that our products are comfortable, useful, easy to clean and safe for you!