How StainFree Panty Works?

Our new menstrual panty is making waves. We’ll let you in on the secrets of its ingenious design.

How Stainfree Panty Works

Your Worries

As women, we all know that feeling. You have it when you realize that you’ve been sitting in your office chair in the same position for over an hour, and you grimace. You sit bolt upright in bed at four in the morning and check the sheets.

You’re out for a long walk feeling the wind on your face and inhaling the heady fragrance of freshly cut roses… and it hits you. Have I leaked? Do I have a patch the size of Texas on my bottom? Oh, God. I can feel it seeping out on the sides….

Your Saving Grace

Our Stainfree Panty gets rid of all your worries because it has beauty as well as brains, just like you.

Anigan Stainfree Panties are made from a blend of high quality fiber and spandex, with an inner layer of fluid resistant fabric on the inside.

This easily supports your pad, tampon, or menstrual cup, preventing anything from sliding out of position. The inner layer prevents any escaping fluid getting to the outer layer, where it could result in a stain.

With amazing protection, comfort, and style, you can now welcome your menstrual cycle instead of shunning it.

The Outer Layer

The basic fabric that our menstrual underwear is made from is a high-quality fiber as well as spandex. The blend of the two is breathable, hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, soft, and silky enough for you to want to wear it every day.

There are seamless styles available, so you won’t have the infuriating pinching and chafing that accompanies everyday panties.

The Inner Layer

The inner lining of the panty is made out of a high-tech polymer, which is a moisture resistant fabric (it essentially does not absorb moisture). This lining occurs in the most problematic areas of the underwear: the center and the rear.

The job of this layer is to provide leakage protection, and, thanks to its material, allows water vapor to pass through, but keeps the fluid safely unabsorbed, providing a hundred percent protection against any stray leaks or stains.

The Look

Seamless (or not), silky, and sexy, Stainfree Panties are the prettiest things to have when it’s your time of the month. They look just like normal underwear and feel like it, too! They come in a wide variety of designs, including bikinis and boxers, with lace or without and so many endearing designs that you will want them all!


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