For Working Women

Women are naturally hardworking. They can do multitasking without batting an eye. Companies hire women because they are good assets, not to mention they can be very meticulous at work.

Anigan supports and appreciates working women who are very competitive when it comes to achieving their career goals. Every woman has the freedom to pursue her career without being hindered by her gender, race and even her period.

Being a working woman is quite a challenge, especially if you have a family to manage back home. According to studies, American women tend to be less productive at work when they are suffering from PMS and severe menstrual cramps.

In fact, a company from UK offers paid time off to its female employees for them to recover from menstrual pains and be more productive from the moment they go back to work. It’s called “period leave” and so far, other companies are considering the idea.

Working women are considered independent women who can support themselves financially and yes, emotionally because they can handle the pressure in the workplace.

However, no one can deny that no matter how strong and independent you are in the office, your menstrual cramps and uneasiness can disable you from doing your tasks.

That’s why Anigan introduces feminine products that can help you deal with your period without distracting you too much.

The EvaCup 

There are times when you’re always moving and busy doing your office tasks that your sanitary pad tends to move in a different direction. This is a common scenario especially if you are using sanitary napkins. Maybe it’s time to switch to menstrual cups.

Our EvaCup is a menstrual cup that is soft and flexible. A lot of women agree that if a menstrual cup is worn properly, it will surely make you feel like you’re not using anything at all. It’s also leakage free so it gives you the freedom to move without any hesitations.

Anigan StainFree Period Panty

If you have to do your weekly reports and you’ll be talking in front of everybody during the whole presentation, then don’t let your period stains stop you. After all, our Anigan period panties are stain-free.

The Anigan StainFree Period Panty is waterproof so you are confident that you will not have period stains on your suit pants. It also means that you don’t need to do bathroom checks often during meetings.

The period panty is breathable and comfortable. The fabric gives a soft touch on the skin. And because it’s hypoallergenic, you don’t have to be worried about allergies and skin irritation.

The panties are available in different styles and designs, which means you can still feel fashionable at work even when it’s shark week for you.

With age, added responsibilities, and time-constraints, dealing with the unease and discomfort of periods can be quite trying. But hey, get busy with your career goals and we’ll take care of you each time you’re having your period.