For School Girls

Aigan believes every woman of different ages and classes should have the freedom to do whatever she wants to do even when she is having her period.

And because having menses while having an active lifestyle can sometimes make a girl worry about period stains and cramps, we are always eager to introduce menstrual products that can make girls feel comfortable and relieved. We have products for working women, stay at home moms and even school girls.

School girls, especially those who are younger, hate the idea of growing up and embracing womanhood. This is a normal and common reaction not just for young girls but also for young boys.

The best way to deal with teenage angst is to for parents to educate them. Puberty is the period in a girl’s life when she is pressured to become sexually mature and practice good hygiene.

And because it may seem too complicated for a teenage girl to be lectured about growing up and adult issues, parents always need to properly guide them. Start with her menstruation and the menstrual products that she can use.

Anigan Products For Young Girls

Self-confidence is developed during a girl’s growing up stage. Anigan hopes to help young girls improve their confidence even on their period. Our menstrual products are helpful for them to know how to handle and manage their period.

Anigan StainFree Period Panty

Based on studies, school girls find it difficult to focus and concentrate before and when they are having their period. In fact, it’s considered a premenstrual syndrome.

Another reason why girls are unable to focus is because they’re scared of period stains on their school uniform. Why not try our stain-free period panties?

Our period underwear is stain-free and waterproof so the girls need not worry about stains or period blankets even when they are at school.

It’s also made of high quality fabric so it gives a soft feel on the skin without darkening the skin or causing any skin irritation. It’s also breathable and hypoallergenic so no more allergies and itchiness.

If you’re a mother or an aunt, you can introduce our period panties to your girls and let them enjoy an active lifestyle with friends at school.

Anigan First Period Kit

The First Period Kit consists of every item that your daughter will need for her menarche. It has a booklet that provides answers to some of the most frequently asked period-related questions.

Further, it includes a heat pad, scented bags, sanitary pads, and more. At her age, she is curious and wants to know everything about life, and that includes her menstruation.

EvaCup Gift Set

Traditionally, mothers introduce sanitary pads and tampons to their daughters. But in today’s world when women are more aware of the health risks of pads and tampons, give your girls menstrual cups instead.

Our EvaCup is a menstrual cup that’s safe and made of materials that are not contaminated with chemicals.

The EvaCup Gift Set includes items for menstrual needs such as our EvaCup, the Collapsible Sanitizing Cup that is used for sanitizing your menstrual cup. 

Anigan Velvet Pouch to bring their pads or liners with them even when they are at school, and the Anigan Heart-Shaped Reusable Instant Head Pad for their menstrual cramps.

All the items are placed in a beautiful gift box that looks cute no one would think it’s for your girl’s period needs.

Growing up can be tough for a girl, but it is a part of life and we are here to help make your transition into womanhood easy and comfortable.

 Eco-friendly, clean, convenient, and comfortable, Anigan has been known to meet every young girl’s needs. Let your girls experience femininity with love and care.