For Mom and Daughters

Being a mother is a tough job. If you’re a stay at home mom, then most of the time you’ll be doing everything for the family – from cleaning to reading bedtime stories to your kids or cheering them in their first soccer game.

Being a mom means having to do all the work in the house, even becoming handy and fixing the broken sink.

We appreciate your efforts that’s why we make sure you don’t have to worry about your period and staining your clothes every time you are doing your job as a tough momma!

Anigan EvaCup

As women get older, we become aware of our health. We start to eat healthy foods and try to take in everything organic. We become conscious about our reproductive health and are recommended to go to the doctor for our health check-up.

Your health is important to us that’s why we highly recommend using a menstrual cup instead of sanitary pads and tampons. There are many medical reports about pads and tampons causing cancer and other health issues.

Our Anigan EvaCup is safe because the materials are not made of harmful chemicals. It’s also reusable so you don’t have to include sanitary pads in your shopping list.

No more worries about menstrual odor each time you dispose your used pads because it’s washable and doesn’t trap the fluid and moisture for a long time.

If you’re also worried about stains and period blankets when you sleep on your newly washed sheets, then you need our Anigan period panties. They’re basically stain-free and waterproof so say goodbye to stains and old panties.

They’re comfortable so you can move like you’re not having your period at all.

Anigan Heart – Shaped Hand Warmers

Hand warmers or heat pads are very ideal for stay at home moms. Well, actually working moms can also take advantage of our warmers because they’re handy and can be brought anywhere you go.

Your menstrual cramps can be relieved by using our hand warmers. It’s all natural, without taking any pain relievers that are bad for your kidneys.

For Daughters

Menstruation shouldn’t be considered a burden but a celebration of your daughter’s entry towards womanhood. As a mother, it’s your responsibility to guide her and give her a positive impression about femininity.

Educating her about menstruation and how she can deal with it is essential especially during her menarche period. Because a girl’s first menstrual bleeding is the central event of female puberty, parents play a big role in making sure they are guided and educated properly. 

First Period Booklet

The booklet contains 23 period-related answers to common questions most young girls would ask. It’s also helpful especially when your daughter is too shy or hesitant to ask you such questions.

The booklet also includes a cute girly pouch that can be used discreetly to store all other period essentials like pads, wipes, a heating pad, and packs of small scented bags for disposing used pads.

It has a clean period panty for girls who may start their period at school. As they say, it’s always better to be ready anytime, anywhere.

All of this can be found inside this fully equipped kit which is small enough to fit easily into a school bag or backpack.

Just make sure that your daughter is emotionally ready before giving the kit to your daughter.