EvaCup FAQs

Whether you’re new to menstrual cups or just the EvaCup, you’re bound to have questions about it. Here are a few FAQs we can help you with.

Is the EvaCup safe?
The EvaCup is perfectly safe to use. EvaCup is manufactured in the US and FDA registered. It is made of 100% high-quality FDA approved medical grade silicone, contains no chemicals or heavy metals, and is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Make sure to clean it properly and sterilize it before and after every use to avoid any infections. Also, wash your hand when handling the product.

Can it get Stuck?
Always make sure you choose the right sized cup. If you feel like the menstrual cup is lodged in there and does not come out after several attempts, try these tips:
  • Stay calm and relaxed.
  • Wait a while for the unit to settle if it's too high to reach. Squat to ease the cup out, (gravity should help a little), and spread your legs wide enough to open the vagina and try to remove the cup.
  • If it’s still in there try using your bowel muscles to push the cup downwards, then try to extract the unit.
  • You could also try inserting your forefinger parallel to the cup and pinching it with your thumb. Now gently try to pull it out.

How would I know if my EvaCup is an original?
Unfortunately, there are many imitations of various brands including menstrual cup brands. To make sure your product is not a knock off, always purchase EvaCups from trusted stores or Anigan online.

Who can use an EvaCup?
  • For new mothers, internal sanitary protection, like menstrual cups, should not be used within 6 weeks from the day of delivery.
  • A menstrual cup can be used by women with retroverted or tilted uteruses. All you need to do is insert the unit at an angle that’s comfortable for you.
  • Virgins can use a menstrual cup comfortably. However, start out with the small sized cup. Note that the hymen can tear with the use of menstrual cups, but it does not mean you have lost your virginity.
  • Women with prolapse (caused by pelvic floor weakness) must consult with a doctor before using EvaCup.
  • Women going through menopause can also use EvaCup.
  • EvaCup can be used during light flows as well as heavy flows.

How long can the EvaCup be used?
The EvaCup can be used for 12 continuous hours a day before emptying it (otherwise the content starts smelling bad) and for 10 years in a row. If you notice that your EvaCup has been discolored by blood, you can restore its appearance by washing it well with lemon juice. This will help get rid of the stains.


Who is authorized international resellers?
The EvaCup is a well-known brand and trademarked in USA. Unfortunately there are some fake menstrual cup hijacked our brand and selling knockoff EvaCup in other countries. Here is the list of our authorized international resellers for your reference: