EvaCup Facts

Recently there have been many discussions about menstrual cups and where they are made. People have been questioning and raising issues about the safety and origins of some of the menstrual cups you are currently seeing on market.

Let us tell you more about EvaCup and Anigan. Anigan has been making period panties since 2012, and recently launched EvaCup in 2014. Anigan’s primary goal is to produce products that are made of high quality materials that are chemical-free and safe for every woman’s reproductive health. 

We also aspire to make these products affordable and available for women of all classes and ages. As a matter of fact, the quality of our products is very competitive with those expensive brands in the market.

EvaCup is FDA registered and is manufactured in the US. It is made of 100% medical grade silicone. It is guaranteed safe with no chemical contamination and it is also environment- friendly.

Because EvaCup is originally designed and manufactured in the US, we have been taking legal actions against some counterfeit products or fake replicas of EvaCup that are made in China.

The design was stolen and the cups are now being sold in Alibaba. We are currently coordinating with an international lawyer and another lawyer from China to fight for our patent rights. 

Due to our efforts and warning letters from our lawyers, China manufacturers slightly changed the design to avoid further lawsuits. However, they are still selling such fake replicas on Alibaba. You can see on the market that all the same China made cups with EvaCup designs have private labels. 

We are very careful when it comes to the quality of our materials considering that we are selling feminine products – from the design of the product to its packaging. Rest assured that our cups are hypoallergenic and are not contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Our menstrual cups are healthier alternatives to sanitary pads and tampons that’s why we also make sure that we are using the safest materials. We encourage menstrual cup users to do your research before purchasing a cup.

It is important to research about the manufacturer and where it is manufactured. We are concerned about your health and safety that’s why we are still fighting against them but the Chinese government is not taking copyright and infringement as seriously as western countries, so it's a long journey for us.

*Sellers resell these cups they are buying on Alibaba, using their own packaging designs and giving the cups their own names. 

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