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Anigan is a company that cares for every woman who aspires to be an inspiration to the female population. We know how your period stops you from doing everything that you need to do for the day.

We would love you to be comfortable with your femininity and embrace womanhood by having a hassle-free menstruation. And so we introduce products that are chemical-free, affordable, reusable and environment-friendly.

Traditionally, women use sanitary napkins for their menses. However, based on recent studies, sanitary pads and tampons are dangerous to a woman’s reproductive health because of their chemical content.

Because of this, Anigan makes an effort to offer feminine products that are made of high quality yet safe materials.

Our menstrual cups are reusable so you don’t need to worry about disposing them, which make them environment-friendly. If you’re conscious about your reproductive health, then our menstrual cups are for you!

Our period panties are also stain-free and waterproof so you’re confident that you won’t have any period stains on your clothes even when you’re having a heavy period. They’re stretchy and comfortable.

They’re gentle and soft on the skin, basically they’re hypoallergenic. Our Anigan StainFree Period Panties aren’t just your ordinary period panties, but they’re also sexy and stylish!

Here at Anigan, we don’t just offer menstrual cups and panties, we also offer menstrual accessories for you such as collapsible cups, girly pouches for your pads and cups and some cute heart shaped instant warmers to ease your cramps.

We also offer gift sets that you can buy for your niece or your daughter such as our Anigan First Period Kit.

We basically provide the best products for women of all ages. You can buy anything related to your menstruation, from menstrual cups to disposal bags and pouches.

Anigan promises to make your period hassle-free and comfortable! Embrace your femininity with pride and security.