Anigan Period Panty Q&A

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Usually, girls think about menstruation as messy and something unglamorous. They don’t want to wear their best clothes and underwear when they’re having their period because they’re scared of period stains.

No girl ever wants to wear her favorite sexy underwear when it’s her time of the month. Because you don’t like stains on your expensive undies, you have no choice but to wear your ugly grandma panties.

Anigan StainFree Period Panty QandAA woman’s self-confidence is somehow connected with the clothes she wear and how her menstruation makes her feel. Based on some religious beliefs, menstruation was considered unholy and unclean.

Major religions all around the world supported such belief and until now, culturally speaking, there are still many controversial menstrual taboos experienced by women. This is a sad reality yet women continue to openly talk about their femininity and gender roles in the society.

We get you. Your period can make you feel uneasy and your underwear, out of fashion. Women invest much on cool and sexy undies, that’s a fact. We always want to look good, not for our partners but for ourselves too.

We have a strong passion to be creative and fashionable inside out – from our undies to the way we wear clothes and show off our outfits.

Anigan believes that every woman deserves to feel good and empowered even when she’s having her period that’s why we decided to offer cool period panties!

Our Anigan StainFree Period Panties are soft, breathable and comfortable on the skin so you don’t need to worry about allergies or skin darkening because of the quality of the fabric. 

They are also available in different styles depending on your sense of style. Don’t worry, you can wear them with or without your period! So say goodbye to your grandma panties and show off your femininity.