About Us

Anigan™ is a company based in California, USA that sells menstrual products. We celebrate femininity and we are very passionate in providing the best yet affordable products to our customers.

Our main goal is to help and make sure that every woman is having a comfortable and worry-free period with our feminine products.

Our Products

Here at Anigan, we try our best to offer menstrual cups that are chemical free (unlike sanitary pads and tampons), safe and reusable so your period is convenient and hassle free.

It cannot be denied that menstrual cramps can prevent a woman from becoming productive all day. Check out our EvaCup menstrual cups!

And while heat pads are very useful for stay at home women, the performance of most working women who suffer from severe cramps and heavy periods are greatly affected and they have no choice but to constantly take pain relievers which can be harmful to the health.

We understand your condition that’s why we created hand warmers that you can bring anywhere you go. Discover our other Menstrual Accessories!

Young girls need to know more about menstruation and proper hygiene. While it’s already obvious that moms are usually the ones who tell them more about their period, we also recommend our Anigan First Period Kit!

We also offer Anigan StainFree Period Panties that are waterproof and leak-free so you can freely do what you want to do even when you are menstruating.

They’re not just comfortable but they’re also stylish. Actually, they don’t look like period panties at all!

Our Mission

If menstruation is considered a form of punishment to Eve and her female ancestors by some major religions in the world, then here at Anigan, we believe your period is faceless and has no religion. 

We understand that your period signifies your womanhood so we celebrate your femininity with you, no matter how messy and painful it is. Our mission is to provide you with feminine products that are reliable and can be trusted.

Anigan recognizes a woman plays an important role not just in her home but also in the society. She is a mother who cares for her children all day, a wife who takes care of her husband and a hardworking woman who pushes her limits because she wants to prove that gender is not an issue in the workplace. 

We rejoice womanhood that’s why we believe that nothing should stop a woman from doing what she wants to do, even her menstruation.

Anigan is a company that cares and understands your needs – from providing high quality products to a hassle-free shopping experience.

We believe that women all over the world deserve the chance to pursue their dreams. Go catch your goals and we’ll take care of your period and feminine needs!