Period Panties: The Best Leak Proof Underwear

Period panties by Anigan are stain free and leak proof underwear. It is an extraordinary panty that is specially designed to protect your clothes and maintain your self-confidence during your menstrual cycle.

Our period proof underwear prevents any period stain. It is reusable that is made from high-quality materials so you are assured that it’s safe and comfortable.

In fact, our panties are on the top 3 list of the best menstrual panties by Check it here!

It looks and feels exactly normal undergarments and is highly breathable, protecting you from any visible leaks.

If you’ve never tried using a period panty before, perhaps now is the time to explore different menstrual products available in the market today.

Modern women are experimental when it comes to finding the best feminine products that suit their needs and health preferences. And today, we prefer something safe and natural.

Period proof panties are specially created for women who work, take care of their families, do their hobbies or enjoy sports and other physical activities without being bothered by period stains.

Why Use Anigan Period Underwear?

Well, basically because they’re safer than your sanitary pads and tampons. You don’t want to trust your vagina to toxic chemicals present in the materials used by the makers of napkins and tampons.

In the past, women traditionally wore layers of cloth on top of their undies to prevent period stains. Now, we have menstrual underwear, but they’re better and more comfortable.

Our panties are waterproof yet breathable. While most women suffer from irritation and allergic reaction whenever they use sanitary pads, our menstrual panties are hypoallergenic so you don’t need to worry about having allergies anymore.

The fabric is ideally chosen to wick away the moisture and sweat during menstrual days in order to prevent bacterial growth.

Your sanitary napkins do not completely absorb moisture and we all know that bacteria love moist areas. Unwanted bacteria are the last thing you want near your vagina.

The Anigan leak-proof underwear can be worn with your pad or your favorite menstrual cup like the EvaCup. So you are assured that you are completely protected from any stain when you are at work or when you are dancing with your friends.

Underwear for periods doesn’t need to be boring. It’s not your ordinary panty. It’s more stylish than your regular undies because you can choose different colors and designs even when you’re on your period.

Our Anigan period panties have different sizes, colors and designs to choose from. Buy the best underwear for periods now! Free shipping nationwide. 

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