Menstrual Accessories

Just because you have your period doesn’t mean you stop being fab. We know your menstruation might be too messy and uncomfortable for you, don’t worry we got your back – from menstrual cups to your stylish menstrual accessories!

Anigan Collapsible Sanitizing Cup

One of the most useful period accessories to pair with your menstrual cup is our Anigan Collapsible Sanitizing Cup. Our sanitizing cup can be used to sanitize and store your period cup. Say goodbye to unwanted bacteria growth. Also, it’s made of 100% silicone that’s why it’s recyclable, just like our other high quality products. The best part about this product is it’s collapsible so you can bring it anywhere you go by putting it in a small pouch.

Anigan Feminine Disposal Bags – Purse Packs

Anything that’s lightweight and smells nice is just too cute. It’s not everyday that you see colorful and scented disposal bags each time you have your period. Anigan Scented Disposable Bags are very efficient and ready to use. They are easy to bring anywhere you want to go - they can be stored inside your bag or your purse. And the good news is you don’t need to worry about the embarrassing menstrual odor every time you dispose your used pads.

Anigan Velvet Pouch Set

Girls always hesitate to store sanitary pads, menstrual cups or even cosmetics inside their bags, especially when they’re on a date. We perfectly understand your worries that’s why we offer you our Anigan Velvet Pouch Set. They’re too stylish no one would think you have your cups or lippies with you. Our pouches are available in carnation, lavender, dandelion, meadow, aqua and rose.

Heart Shape Instant Hand Warmer

One of the reasons why every woman hates it when it’s her time of the month is her menstrual cramps. Taking pain relievers might do the trick but they can damage your liver. Our Heart Shape Instant Hand Warmer can offer comfort and warmth when you’re having your annoying menstrual cramps. It’s heart – shaped and pink, making you feel girly and comfortable at the same time.