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First Period Kit by Anigan is the perfect gift for friends, family, or even yourself! The kit includes a First Period Booklet, with 23 period-related Q&A every teen girl should read, along with a beautiful, girly pouch which can be used for discretely storing pads, wipes, a heating pad, 2 packs of small scented bags for disposing used pads, as well as a clean period panty. Great for holidays, special events, and birthday gifts!

We, at Anigan, know that the first period is an important stage for a girl. It is a major milestone in every girl’s life when she steps into womanhood. So we have carefully put together all the essentials she’ll need to confidently make it through her menarche, with our period starter kit.

Period Starter Kit Items

The Period Kit from Anigan includes all the basics your daughter will require on her first period. These basic items come in a neat and stylish feminine package.

  • My First Period Booklet: This booklet covers everything a girl needs to know about menstruation. With 23 period related Q&A she will have all the necessary knowledge of a menstrual cycle and how to deal with one.

  • Period Tracker: The Period Tracker included in the kit will help her keep track of when her next period is due, so that she can be prepared for her period every month.

  • Hygiene Products: Each period kit from Anigan will have:

  • 2 sanitary pads

  • 3 packs of sanitiizing handwipes

  • 2 pack of scented bags to dispose used pads

  • Menstrual Panty: The Menstrual Panty provided is made from breathable yet leakproof material to avoid staining clothes. The seamless panty comes in sizes from XS-L and two different styles – Blue Hipster Menstrual Underwear and Stylish Pink Polka Dot Menstrual Underwear.

  • Heating Pad: The Anigan heart-shaped heating pad soothes those painful cramps anytime and anywhere. It also doubles up as a hand warmer during the winter. To use it, simply flex the clip to let the gel crystallize, causing it to heat up. The pad is reusable and comes in handy every period.

  • Velvet Pouch: The First Period Kit comes with a stylish girly pouch to store pads, scented bags, wipes, and the heating pad.

The fully equipped First Period Starter Kit has been designed for school girls, so it’s easy to tuck inside their school bags. Talk to your girls about menstruation when they reach that age. Let them know that it’s a completely natural process and make them feel comfortable with their bodies. Offer them the kit after you’ve had the talk so that they can learn more about it and be ready when they get their period for the first time.

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