EvaCup Products

Our EvaCup products are safe, comfortable, reliable, affordable, and reusable alternative to pads and tampons. It is flexible yet firm, making it leak proof. It’s made of 100% medical grade silicone.

EvaCup vs Pads and Tampons

Consider the sanitary pads and tampons that you use each time you get your period. Nobody checks what’s really in those napkins and tampons. You know they’re made of plastic all right.

But most girls are not fully aware that the materials that they are made of some harmful chemicals that are linked to cancer and other types of reproductive health diseases.

Another scary truth about tampons and pads is that they are bleached using chlorine. Don’t ever wonder how they get that ultra-white look. Trust us, dioxin is the last thing you want to be very close to your vagina.

While other women go for organic sanitary napkins, there are still uncertainties if they are completely made of organic cotton and 100% synthetic free.

Safe, flexible and comfortable

Our cups are safe and made in ISO certified facility. It is flexible and has soft edges so the insertion is quick and simple.

Its design offers comfort and is completely leak proof, perfect for those outgoing girls who like to dance, play badminton or do yoga while having their period.

Say goodbye to those rashes you get each time you use a sanitary napkin. It is a fact that some women are left with no choice but to use pads because they’re readily available though most of them (especially those with sensitive skin) suffer from irritation.


Unlike ordinary pads, our vagina cups are completely reusable. It catches the blood and you can empty it once it’s full so you are assured that your vagina is not prone to bacterial growth.

Also, they don’t leave any bad menstrual odor. You just need to thoroughly disinfect it. The best way to clean it is to sanitize it and get ready to use it next month.


You may not realize it but if you do the math, girls spend lots of money for their tampons and sanitary pads in their entire menstruation period.

With our reusable feminine cup, you only need to buy one or two cups each time you get your period so it’s basically economical.

Learn How To Use the Eva Menstrual Cup.

Menstruation cups are now preferred by women who understand the importance of quality, safety and affordability. Your health matters and we absolutely understand you. Try our EvaCup and you’re good to go.

You can also choose our EvaCup Twin Pack, Anigan EvaCup Gift Set and Eva Cup with Collapsible Sanitizing Cup. Please visit our shipping and return policy!