Women's Underwear: What Your Panties Says About Your Personality by Teya Janelle Posted on October 03, 2016 1 Comment

Your underwear is one of the parts of being a woman that belongs to you alone. Perhaps this is the main reason why women would spend mucho dinero for expensive undies without any second thoughts.

Women complain about expensive cars or apartments but we don’t complain about expensive makeups or hair treatment services or lingerie.

The idea of wearing something sexy, cool or cute behind our regular shirts or dresses somehow makes us feel good about ourselves.

So what does your panty says about your personality?


Bikini Underwear

bikini underwear

Bikini underwear means, you’re a simple girl who wants to keep everything in order. You are responsible and your friends admire your simplicity and enthusiasm.

You might look serious but you are super chill when it comes to dealing with people. You can be simple yet fatal.

Your man adores your patience and capability to handle things on your own. He admires the act that you’re an independent woman who knows what you want and how to achieve your goals.

He understands that you’re opinionated yet you know when to voice out your opinions. You’re sweet and affectionate but you know how to end an unhealthy relationship.

You have a wonderful career. You know how to control and handle emotions in the office. You are sophisticated and can easily adapt to changes in your work environment.

Boy Shorts

boy short panty

You’re the type of girl who loves comfort the most above anything else. You’re an open minded individual who loves individuality.

You’re sporty and always ready to do fun adventures with your friends. You’re every boy’s best friend, you enjoy doing things only boys like to do.

You’re simply outgoing and your friends always enjoy being with you. You can be rebellious yet sweet at the same time. You’re carefree. 

You’re the girl every boy dreams of. Maybe because being with you makes him feel relaxed and comfortable.

He likes you because you’re always eager to listen to new ideas and willing to try new adventures.

He likes that you’re comfortable being with him, that you can still be sexy with your boy shorts on and your laid-back outfits.

You’re sometimes unpredictable yet easygoing. You’re a career woman who likes to introduce fresh and creative ideas.

You are the type of employee who listens to others and is very flexible in dealing with different types of people with different personalities.

You can handle clients with ease. Most of the time, you have a positive work attitude and always willing to do extra efforts to make a project successful.

G- String

g-string underwear

You’re sexy and you know it. You’re a woman who knows what she wants and how she can easily get it.

You’re a woman who knows her sexual prowess. You’re not just sexy but you enjoy the freedom of being you, of your individuality. 

You’re a sexy kitten who can tempt any man she wants. Your man adores your sexual freedom and your sexy curves.

You can be pushy yet submissive to his wishes. He likes your playfulness and your cool attitude. You love wearing skirts whether you’re out shopping or even when you’re at work.

You are a very confident woman who doesn’t depend on anyone else but yourself. You know yourself well and you hate to sugar coat things.

You can be straightforward in conversations and can easily tell people what you really want. You’re the office worker who can be very persuasive when presenting a proposal to her boss.

Most women who wear g-strings are career women who have ambitions and will work hard to reach them.

Granny Panties

granny panty

If you wear granny panties and you’re not bothered at all, then you’re a cool girl who has a good sense of humor and is very likeable. You’re the easygoing friend, the cool sister and the cheerful girlfriend.

You’re the type of person who doesn’t really care much about your looks, you’re more into personality and the kindness of the heart. Sex and dates don’t interest you that much.

You have a wonderful personality and people admire your positive energy. You’re the girl who doesn’t like going out with men.

You prefer hanging out with good friends on weekends, maybe having intimate dinners with them. You like to spend most of your time at home or your apartment, just watching movies while eating junk food.

You don’t really care about your diet because you believe a guy will hook up to you because of your personality, not just for sex.

You can watch the whole series of Game of Thrones or Walking Dead and a regular subscriber of NetFlix.

You’re a lovable person and you are surrounded with good friends and caring family. You are very serious with your career and passionate with everything that you do.

Your underwear can say a lot about you. It’s a piece of clothing that defines your personality and attitude.

Source: EliteDaily.com

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