Top 5 Ideas On How To Prevent Leaking Period At Night

Menstrual leakage is nasty, we all know that - been there, done that, hated it. It feels as if it’s easier to plan your life than escape period leaks. 

While it’s easier to shout out on social media how much your period makes you feel empowered as a woman, you still struggle to not have period stains on your bed sheets because it’s still nasty. No one wants their bed sheets stained, no matter what kind of stain it is.

If some teenagers find the Slender Man creepy, period stains haunt not only teenagers but young women and moms as well. While having a heavy menstrual flow can be normal, it can be an indication of other diseases.

Or it could be because of your sudden intense exercise or some change in your diet. A change of your lifestyle could also affect your menstrual flow and vice versa.

period leakage affects how you survive the day while you’re on your period. So aside from ice cream and some interesting lip color dropped by some make up tycoon, a good sanitary pad, tampon or menstrual cup is every girl’s Holy Grail.

One of the hardest things to do when you have your period is trying not to stain your clothes or sheets when you’re sleeping.

So here are some reminders to help prevent period leakage at night:

1. Choose your pad’s thickness and length based on your flow

Some girls have heavy menstrual flow when they’re on their first day. If you’re not comfortable sleeping when you have a heavy period, then you can buy overnight sanitary pads that are longer and designed to prevent leakage when sleeping. Look for pads that are very absorbent and quite thick.

2. Choose pads with wings

Let’s be honest. Pads without wings are nothing. Wearing pads with wings help you with the leakage because they stay in place and don’t move too much. While menstrual cups don’t have wings, they help prevent leaks. 

3. Wear period panties

Period panties are highly recommended not only for women dealing with incontinence but also for everybody who has to deal with their period every month.

Period panties are designed to be waterproof and easy to wear with your menstrual cup or sanitary pad.

Period panties come with different layers. They absorb moisture and are hypoallergenic so you’re safe from skin irritation and allergies. They’re basically leak proof so you can sleep comfortably and worry-free.

4. Wear thick pajamas

If you still feel very much worried about your period stains, you can wear your thick and dark colored pajamas, just to be safe. Sleeping with thick pajamas is the easiest thing to do if you’re menstruating.

5. Use towels

You can protect your sheets by using towels underneath while you’re sleeping. It could stain the towel but not your sheets. You can use old towels so you won’t feel bad if ever you get them stained. 

Normally, girls can’t put their minds at ease when they’re on their period, especially during night time when they’re about to sleep. Not having a good sleep just because you’re menstruating is not such a good habit.

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