How To: 10 Helpful Tips To Have A Happy and Satisfied Vagina

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One of the ideas of menstrual activism is to encourage women around the world to have the freedom to openly talk about menstruation and vaginas. And yes, to basically break the traditional and cultural views about bleeding vaginas and feminine hygiene.

Now let’s talk about your vagina.

1. Say Bye To Vagina's Douches

Your vagina has good and bad bacteria. For it to be healthy, it should be balanced.


Douching is strongly discouraged by most gynecologists. While flushing or washing your vagina with vinegar makes you feel better convincing yourself that you’re eliminating the odor and getting rid of the bacteria, you’re actually doing more harm than good.

One major reason why you stop douching is that it can disrupt the natural acidity of the vagina. A healthy vagina is naturally acidic.

According to studies, intravaginal hygiene products can cause infections so better kiss goodbye to douching. Your vagina is self- cleansing and I think that’s beautiful.

2. Vagina vs Antibiotics

Your vagina hates antibiotics. Antibiotics can cause vaginal itching and unwanted discharge. Like some feminine spray products, they break the balance and kill the wonderful bacteria present in your nether regions.

Although on the other hand, antibiotics could be your vagina’s savior. Such pills are the ones you need to take to treat bacterial vaginosis so don’t hate them too much.

If your doctor recommends taking antibiotics to treat infections, you might want to try some probiotic yogurt to lessen the itching.

3. Soaps are for the Bodies, not Vaginas

Don’t believe those TV commercials telling you to buy their feminine wash and spray products. Instead of getting rid of the bad bacteria, they might do more damage by making your vulva itchy. Your vulva is sensitive so better wash it with lukewarm water without using any soap.

4. Sex with Care

Even porn stars take care of their vaginas during sex scenes. If you’re the kind of woman who likes to do many sex positions, then you better be careful especially if you’re into anal sex. Prepare to be exposed to bacteria if you go from anal to vaginal sex.

Sex is wonderful. It feels even more wonderful if you’re doing it with care. Rough sex can be painful. And having too many sex partners can cause you a lot of infections, and yes, trouble.

5. Vaginas Love Lubes

Vaginal dryness can be disappointing. Unfortunately, it’s not just the older women who are experiencing dryness but also the younger generation. Women are very sensitive when men say something against our vaginas.

A lot of men believe that when a woman’s vagina is dry, that means they aren’t really into the idea of having sex. Actually, we do! It’s just that you can’t really control it from drying too much.

One possible cause of vaginal dryness is taking birth control pills. If you’re also taking antihistamines and into other medication, then you need some good lubrication. Lubricants make the whole sex experience better.

Vaginal dryness can be painful. It could hurt your vulva with constant friction during sex acts. It might bleed a little and can be bothersome. Vaginal wounds can lead to other serious infections. Lubricants aren’t that expensive so why suffer?

6. Cotton Undies are Your Vagina’s Best Friends

While wearing lacy undies can be itchy sometimes. Vaginal itchiness can lead to wounds. If you want to be sexy yet comfortable, make sure you choose sexy undies that are made of cotton.

Cotton undies are safe for your vagina because it prevents bacterial growth. When you sweat, there is moisture, attracting the not-so-friendly bacteria which can ultimately lead to infection.

Cotton undies are breathable. If your favorite styles of underwear aren’t really made of cotton, then the best thing to do is to make sure that the part of the underwear that touches your vagina has a cotton liner.

7. Eat Fruits and Don’t Forget Your Yogurt

Did you know that yogurt has the exact kind of good bacteria that your vagina needs? If you’re not really a fan of yogurt, then you can try yogurt pills just to replace the bacteria in your body. It’s also another way to prevent yeast infections.

Eating healthy is good not just for your body but for your vagina too. But please don’t think fruits can make your vagina smell fruity.

It’s been proven that eating fruits can actually freshen up your vagina. It helps eliminate its embarrassing smell. Fruits can help flush out toxins from your body, such toxins lead to bad smell.

Fruits can help flush out toxins from your body, such toxins lead to bad smell.
An apple a day keeps the smell away! Don’t forget your pineapples, blueberries, strawberries and other healthy fruits.


8. Visit Your Gynecologist On A Regular Basis

It is recommended that every woman should visit a gynecologist once they reach puberty. Gynecologists recommend a Pap smear beginning at age 21, or once you are sexually active and do it regularly every 2 to 3 years to check for infections, cancer causing diseases or any abnormalities.

Even if you are comfortable enough to feel that your vagina is healthy, you have to think twice and consider this, you’ll never know it until you undergo a test and this could save you from a serious health problem later on.


9. Your Vagina Needs To Work Out

Yes, just like your body, your vagina needs to exercise, exercises that
can help women tighten their vaginal muscles & increase sexual pleasure. Growing number of women suffer from the issue of a loose vagina. For regaining the lost confidence, an effective practice to make it tighter is by engaging in regular tightening exercises which are commonly known as Kegels. Learn more about

For regaining the lost confidence, an effective practice to make it tighter is by engaging in regular tightening exercises which are commonly known as Kegels. Learn more about Kegel exercises: A how-to guide for women by


10. Don't Do The Dangerous Sex Act


Be careful and mind the order of sex acts and make sure not go from anal to vaginal sex. Doing so may expose your vagina to any harmful bacteria that leads to infections and may bring a potential health risk. You may consider cleaning off first or ask your partner to change the condom if he’s using any.

The health of your vagina depends on how educated you are in taking care of it. If you need more tips, don’t hesitate to visit your gynecologist. Develop a good feminine hygiene and make your vagina happy!

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