13 Weird Facts About Your Period

weird period facts

We know menstruation topics might bore you to death. Also, we know how your period annoys you and your guy each time you rage wars against him without any reason at all or you have strange food cravings. If you think you know much about your period, then think again. 

Here are some 13 weird period facts that might surprise you:

1. Your menstruation makes you horny



When you are menstruating, your body produces less progesterone. Remember that progesterone is a type of hormone that makes you less horny. 

However, the fact that your body is producing less progesterone during your period is a good excuse to be easily turn on.

The bad news is that most guys dread having sex that involves blood and stains on the sheets.

And in some major religions, it’s forbidden to engage in sexual activities during menstruation.

2. Your period makes you stupid


Your period cramps can be painful, too painful that they make you greatly affect your attention span and cognitive function.

However, it’s not precisely the cramps that make you stupid. According to the study conducted by psychologists from the University of Bath, with or without cramps, your mental health and function are still affected by your period in general.

Therefore, having cramps is actually a semi-legit excuse why you failed your exams.

3. Tampons can’t take away your virginity


In other countries, most young girls aren’t allowed to ride a bicycle because there was a crazy belief that riding a bicycle can literally take away your virginity.

Maybe it scared most teenagers because no one wants her hymen broken just by riding the bike. 

Bikes and tampons can’t break your hymen or even a menstrual cup. A tampon is thinner than a regular sized penis so you shouldn’t worry.

4. PMS triggers you to be violent


Before and during menstruation, most women tend to be angry, insecure and violent. There was a study conducted involving female inmates who confessed that they are more likely to commit crimes and be violent before and while having their period.

It is understandable since most women who have severe cramps tend to be really cranky and are easily irritated, thus they become violent.

5. A virgin’s blood could cure anything


In the past, it was believed that the first napkin with a menstrual blood of a virgin was a cure for the plague. It was also used to cure leprosy, goiters and headaches.

Another interesting thing was it was also used in driving demons and in making love charms.

In today’s modern world, most women wouldn’t even want to touch or see their menstrual blood. People from the past were somewhat strange.

6. It was socially unacceptable to complain about having cramps


In the past, complaining about your severe cramps was considered as a sign of rejecting your sense of femininity.

Most of the women who complained about cramps were actually advised to consult with psychiatrists.

So that means girls today are very lucky because they can complain about their cramps anytime they want. No big deal.

7. Business as usual for the prostitutes, even when they’re on their period


Imagine using cotton balls up against your cervix just to continue having sex even when you’re menstruating and get paid for it.

This is one of the strangest facts about menstruation. Some prostitutes even take birth control pills because it can prevent heavy menstrual blood and shorten menstrual days aside from avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Talk about tough job!

8. Companies lost millions of work hours and money because of PMS


Menstruation slows down productivity and efficiency. According to the study, most women use their premenstrual symptoms and severe cramps as legitimate medical excuse to slow down work productivity.

Sorry boys, as mentioned the excuse is legitimate, no arguments. Girls suffer cramps but they can have their maternal leave. The world is fair and square somehow.

9. Your period can cause iron deficiency


We get it. You lose blood each month and you’re wasting a lot of iron. You may not realize it but your constant dizziness during your menstrual cycle might be connected to your lack of iron.

That’s why most doctors recommend taking iron supplement, especially for girls, although some people claimed who are experiencing stomach cramps and nausea because of regular iron intake.

10. Cramps could mean something else


Yes, cramps aren’t normal. One reason why you experience cramps is because you probably have high estrogen.

Irritation of the uterus, cysts and consuming too much sugar are the other possible causes why girls suffer from light to severe menstrual cramps.

It won’t hurt much going to the clinic and consulting with your doctor. I wrote a blog about, "How to Get Rid of Period Cramps: 20 Natural Remedies to Ease the Pain". This blog will help you find a solution on how to combat cramps during your menstruation.

11. Your period makes you a compulsive shopper


If you’re on your period, then you shouldn’t wonder why you bought that overpriced denim jacket or those weird pair of shoes by impulse.

Based on a study, a girl who is experiencing PMS tends to become grumpy, depressed and unreasonable at times.

Well, it’s a good excuse to justify your actions as a compulsive buyer. Actually, women who are PMSing call it retail therapy.

12. Sex during menstruation is forbidden in some major religions


Yes, some traditional religions indeed consider menstruation unclean. Muslims and Jews actually oblige women to have ritual purity after their period.

And in some major religions, intercourse during menstruation is even considered impure. Islam, Hinduism and Judaism forbid sex during menstruation.

In Islam, a Muslim man has to repent from having intercourse with his wife while she is having her period. As stated in Quran, it is haram to enter the vagina while menstruating.

13. You can become pregnant while menstruating


A man’s sperm can survive for three to seven days so it is possible to get pregnant when a woman had sex during her period.

There are also some cases in which a woman experiences spotting or bleeding during ovulation or in between periods and can be mistaken for a period.

According to "Americanpregnancy.org, to women who have typical 28 to 30 day or longer cycles. If you happen to be one of the individuals who has a shorter cycle there is a chance you could get pregnant while having sex during your period."

So yes, it’s okay to be weird sometimes. One thing’s for sure – your menstruation can sympathize with your weird moments! 

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