6 Cannabis-Infused Products For A Relaxing Menstruation by Teya Janelle Posted on November 02, 2016

cannabis for menstruation

Queen Victoria was actually the modern Whoopi Goldberg, one of the biggest supporters of medical cannabis.

For most women who regularly use cannabis for menstrual cramps, the legalization of marijuana is not just about getting high but it’s basically about feeling relaxed rather than feeling pained when you are menstruating.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis comes from a cannabis plant and is best grown in tropical areas, although it thrives in any climate around the world. Cannabis contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or TCH and is the primary reason why smoking it gives you a “high” feeling.

Cannabis can be eaten or smoked. But commonly, people smoke it in joints or hand-rolled cigarettes, bongs or pipes. It is also known as; Mary Jane, Grass, Dope, Marijuana, Weed, Hash, Joints, Ganja, Green etc.

Menstrual cramps are caused by uterine contractions. THC relaxes the muscles and somehow tricks the mind to be more mindful of the euphoric feeling instead of being pained.

The medicinal value of cannabis has not yet been recognized and accepted in the world of medicine.

Though the positive effects of legal marijuana haven’t been scientifically proven, a lot of products infused with cannabis are actually available for the purpose of relieving menstrual cramps.

The positive effects of cannabis cannot be ignored. Just to be clear: the whole idea of infusing products with cannabis is basically not to be stoned or get high. They’re created for menstrual pain and relaxation.

Here are some products combined with cannabis to do the tricks for your PMS and easing menstrual cramps: 


1. Cannabis Rub

Did you know that Queen Victoria used cannabis rub with the fat of a lamb for her swelling breasts? Having swollen breasts is one of the signs of PMS. 

Good thing women don’t need the lamb fat anymore. Now,

Bath soak products have THC extraction combined with lavender and some soak products are mixed with rosemary.

Generally, the cannabis infused bath soak products encourage a relaxing feeling and eases pains and cramping, the normal things girls experience when they are menstruating. 

There are even DIY marijuana bath salts that you can find in the internet. In fact, there is such a thing as Cannabis Spa Movement where massage therapists use cannabis products to massage clients.

3. Cannabis Vagina Suppositories a.k.a. “Weed Tampon

Manufacturers are now looking at different angles on how they can produce marijuana infused products for women that’s relevant and effective.

The cannabis vagina suppositories are actually applied near places where they should be applied. The suppositories are not psychoactive so they won’t affect the way you behave and you don’t need to worry about your motor skills.

One of the manufacturers of cannabis suppositories is that the product contains more cannabinoid receptors focused on the body than in the brain to prevent its psychoactive effects.

4. Cannabis Drop

Most women suffer from PMS every month. PMS includes headaches, irritability, bloating and menstrual cramps. The cannabis drops claim to fight bloating and cramps. You just need to put a few drops on your favorite soda or water.

5. Cannabis Edibles

When you literally consume cannabis, expect the effect to be more powerful since it’s absorbed by every region of your body. If you’re concerned about the negative effects of smoking, then you might want to ingest cannabis instead. 

The edibles are made in different forms and tastes. Such edibles include the popular hippie brownies, chocolate bars, cakes and more.

Companies even make products that you can combine with your favorite drinks. Some women use honey sticks mixed in their chamomile tea to relieve menstrual cramps.

6. Cannabis Oil

The oil is meant to be applied on the skin and can be used to massage the back and abdomen to ease your cramps. The good thing about the product is that it has no psychoactive effects because you don’t need to smoke or eat it.

Users claim that it’s effective in relieving cramps. Instead of sticking to aromatic massage oils, the cannabis oil might be your best alternative.

Even though a lot of women who regularly smoke and consume legal marijuana claim that their migraines, glaucoma and muscle pains are being positively treated by the medical herb, there are still no scientific evidences available to convince the medical world due to legal restrictions.

Also, because the amount of cannabis cannot be controlled, it’s recommended to wait for an hour for the medicine to take full effect before consuming more legal weed.

It’s impossible to say that it has no side effects since it is still considered psychoactive. It merely depends on how you consume it. Medicate responsibly.