5 Things Men Should Know When Girls Are Having Their Period by Sarah Teo Posted on October 06, 2016

5 Things Men Should Know When Girls Are Having Their Period

It’s easy for a woman to make excuses when she’s angry or hungry. Her menstruation is the best excuse to be constantly angry all day without any valid or logical explanation. Some men get it but some don’t.

Men always believe that women can always control your emotions, that it’s up to them to think rationally. Well, it’s not always the case and every girl knows that.

And for dudes out there, please educate yourselves. Here are some basic things to know when girls are on their period:


1. Get over it. Your ex-girlfriend and your new girlfriend have different period symptoms.

Women have different ways of handling and getting over period pains. Some women have severe cramps that they cannot function all day so they prefer to lie down. Others do not experience cramps and just go on binge eating.

So yes, girls don’t have same symptoms and they deal with their menses differently. Remember the time your ex-girlfriend got so touchy and cried when she watched an action scene from Star Wars? Maybe it was her day of the month.

And now you wonder why your girlfriend’s screaming like a schoolgirl when she saw the guy from the movie Train to Busan. Don’t compare two menstruating girls.

You, as her prince charming should be handy. Get her some pain reliever. Or surprise her with menstrual heat pads. Her heat pad can do wonder.

2. PMS can mess up your girlfriend’s mind. But not all women get messed up.

She might be sweet and all before eating her lunch and then after a few minutes, she becomes a tigress ready to attack you anytime. That’s normal. She’ll be complaining about her headaches, muscle pains and uterus all day.

The trick is to ignore her complaints and get her some food. Yes, maybe she’s already crazy the first time you met her. She’ll get crazier during her menses.

Her mind is pretty messed up when her vagina’s bleeding that’s for sure. But then again, remember that not all women feel the same way. Some women are okay when they’re menstruating.

They don’t digress like what you’ve read on the internet. They’re just natural and maybe their menstrual cycle is okay – that means no cramps or headaches. If your girlfriend’s cool even during her period, then you’re one lucky guy.

3. You have to buy the best pain killer.

You don’t just buy any pain killers. You have to buy the real thing otherwise it will be useless. Some pain killers take a lot of time to fully kill the pain, especially generic ones.

Anti-inflammatory drugs that completely targets period pains. You can also try some natural cramp remedies like exercise, acupuncture, abdominal massage etc.

4. Sex is okay during menstruation.

It might sound weird but in the old days, a woman who is having her period was considered dirty and impure. In Islam, having sex while the woman’s vagina is bleeding is considered haraam.

If you don’t have religious beliefs, then sex while she’s having her menses is actually okay.

It might sound messy but according to study, most girls’ vaginas are very sensitive when it’s their time of the month. Also, it’s more lubricated.

5. Unprotected sex during period may cause pregnancy.

It is possible that you could get pregnant during your period, that’s why, if you’re not ready to have babies yet, better use condoms. The sperm can survive for a week. While the possibility is very low, it’s still considered a possibility.

Another reason why you should use condoms is that it might cause sex infection. Oral sex is the worst.

There you go boys. It’s about time to stop being clueless and pick some ideas how to make your girlfriends feel better.

With or without menstruation, sometimes girls are Math problems that are difficult to figure out. We do sympathize.

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