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Anigan Inc. is not merely a company that provides feminine menstrual products but we are also your partner during your menstrual days. Buying sanitary pads and tampons are becoming expensive for a modern woman who wants to be financially free.

Reusable menstrual products are the primary choices of most women who choose to be economical and safe. While most pads are readily available in any store in a world driven by consumerism, natural feminine products are slowly dominating the market.

If you are looking for alternative menstrual products that are safe, comfortable and affordable, then you are in the right place. Rest assured that our products are made of FDA approved materials and environment-friendly.

Our Anigan EvaCup is leak-proof, flexible and affordable, quick and easy to insert reusable menstrual cup. They catch the blood and you can empty them once they’re full so you are completely free from bacteria.

Some of our cups come with collapsible sterilizing cups - they are your perfect partners when you are on your period. You can easily disinfect and use same cups every month. An interesting fact: they can last up to 12 years. Visit here to learn about How To Use Eva Menstrual Cup!

Looking for reliable period panties? We have the best menstrual panties for you. Our Anigan underwear are 100% stain free and period proof. They are comfortable and they look just like your other ordinary underwear, only that ours are cuter.

Your first period (or your daughter’s first period) might sound scary. Good thing we have our First Period Booklet to answer your menstruation related questions. It comes with a girly pouch so no one would ever think you’re carrying pads, a heating pad, 2 packs of small scented bags for disposing used pads, wipes and a menstrual underwear inside. It’s a complete first period kit that you can use or even give as a gift.

Here at Anigan, we give you the best and affordable products. We understand your concerns and we are with you in your journey towards womanhood.